Kate Marshall


Kathleen Soltero, originally, grew up in a working-class neighborhoods in San Francisco




Kate came to Nevada to work with Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa after spending time at the Justice Department. Kate raised her two kids in Nevada, both having graduated from public school in Reno, Nevada. Since moving here in 1997, she has dedicated her life to making Nevada a better place to live for everyone. During her time in public office helped to set up the state antitrust office, protected Nevadans against large corporations taking advantage of them, and protected Nevadans during the economic downturn. Kate has stands with Nevadans and her life has always been about serving others.


Department of Justice Fighting White Collar Crimes

Created Nevada's Antitrust Office

Senior Deputy Attorney General

Nevada State Treasurer

Board Member of the United Way

UNR Part Time Professor of Business Law