Stands with Nevada Students

As a mom who raised two kids in Nevada, Kate knows the value of public education. She was also the first in her family to go to college so Kate understands how important access to good education is to all Nevadans. During her time as Nevada Treasurer she created the College Kick Start program. Kate partnered with local banks to fund college savings accounts for every kindergartner in Nevada at no expense to the taxpayer. This program is the first statewide program of its kind.


Kate is also a strong advocate for career and technical education because she knows that college isn’t for everyone. Kate understands the need to have an educated workforce and believes that we must invest in all forms of education including the trades. She also knows that having a educated workforce will help Nevada’s economy and move us forward towards a brighter future.


Kate believes in a strong public education system and has stood with Nevada’s students and teachers. Kate is endorsed by the Nevada State Education Association (NSEA). Kate believes we must continue to invest in our children and ensure that per pupil spending is increased. She also believes that we must ensure that all of the marijuana tax revenue goes into education like it was promised to Nevada voters.


Kate Marshall stands with Nevada students.